Information before you swim.....

  • All pets must be current on their Rabies vaccine.
  • Please do not feed your pet 4 hours prior to swimming (no one likes poop in the pool).
  • We love treats- if your pet has dietary restrictions please let the swim coach know in advance.
  • All you need to bring is your dog- we have towels, treats and toys!
  • Does your pet need a bath after the swim? we offer baths for an additional price. Ask us for details.
  • Please brush your pet before coming- this helps our filters.
  • Please keep your pet's nails trimmed as this is easier on the coaches.
  • If you use topical flea treatments there must be a 7 day lapse from application to swimming. Just to be safe!
  • Buddy Swims- does your pet have a buddy they like to play with? Ask us about buddy swims and group swims.
  • When coming in and out please ensure your pet is on a leash.


Willows Waters is in a residential neighborhood. Please park on the left hand side in the gravel. When you arrive you will see the house on the right and a green building on the left. Please DO NOT go to the house and disturb the residents. Proceed to the green building. Please close the gate behind you so no dogs get loose. Joyce's Dog Training is the first door on the left. Continue to the third door (a set of french doors) and this is Willows Waters pool.


Coming to swim? There is a sign on the gate stating if a swim is in session "Please Wait" or if the pool is free "Come In".  Please pay attention to our sign and if you still aren't sure come in and ask the coach if we are ready. Not all dogs are dog friendly and we love our dog reactive clients just the same and want to ensure all dogs enjoy their time at the pool. As you are coming in to swim if the sign is posted "Come In" please flip it over behind you to "Please wait" and vice versa on your way out. This will ensure everyone is prepared and making a safe transit in and out.