Initial Swim Assessment $60

What is an assessment? Believe it or not not all dogs can swim....some barrel roll and sink. At Willows Waters we strive to ensure all pets visiting our pool are safe and have a happy visit. An initial swim assessment is time for the swim coach to meet the owner and pet, learn about the pet, assess pet health and mobility, discuss any health concerns or recent injuries/surgeries, and have the dog undergo their first swim. Pools are not a natural environment like a lake, pond, river or ocean. A swim coach will ensure your pet can get in and out on their own and teach them to turn around at the end of the pool (some attempt to climb out).

All new dogs will require an initial swim assessment as their first visit. This assessment will allow us to see your dog’s swimming capability. Some dogs will require a float vest or harness and some will not. Dogs looking to self-swim in the future will need to demonstrate that they do not need assistance or a coach.

***If your dog jumps right in and gets out with no assistance and is a natural swimmer assessment price will be adjusted. 

    Assisted Swim

    An assisted swim is a swim session guided by one of our swim coaches. Our coach will remain in the pool and help the dog for the duration of the session. The coach will help guide the dog in and out of the pool and work them during the session based on each dog’s individual needs. All doggy parents may watch and chat with the coach.

    • 30 minute session $45
    • 45 minute session $60
    • 60 minute session $85

    ***If you want to swim 2 dogs at the same time there will be an additional fee of $30.00 per session.

    Self Swim

    Dogs that are experienced swimmers will be allowed to self-swim. Owners can throw a toy for the dog to fetch or the owners may enter the pool and swim with their dog. These sessions are great for healthy dogs who need to burn off some energy. During this time the pool is all yours and unless swimming with a buddy there will not be any other dogs swimming.

    • 30 minute session $25
    • 45 minute session $40
    • 60 minute session $50

    ***Buddy Swim- want to bring a buddy or an additional dog? $15 per dog( buddy must have an assessment swim first)


    Your swim coach can bathe your pup after it's swim for an additional $10. Shampoo and conditioner provided. (We are not groomers)

    Group Play

    For group play dates and dog parties please contact us for pricing.


    Everyone wants swim time! If you need to cancel or reschedule please let us know at least 24hrs in advance.